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Where? Oh where, has my Puppy gone?

When we went to our rented cottage in August I had to pack for my ten year old son as we were going to pick him up from his wilderness camp and carry straight on to the cottage.

One of the things I threw in his bag was 'Puppy'. Puppy is a much washed and almost worn out stuffed dog that my darling son slept with when he was little. He was the one thing that my son grabbed every night when he went to sleep as a toddler and every once in a while he still uses Puppy as a pillow.

Since my ten year old boy was going to be away from home for over a month, I thought I'd throw the stuffed dog into his bag to remind him of home.

We had a great time at the cottage and returned home the September long weekend. Puppy however didn't make it home. Puppy is missing.

Was my son upset? Not particularly.

Me? I'm sad.

I'm certainly not crying and moaning but I'm feeling the loss.

It's a 'please don't grow up too fast and not care' feeling. Maybe a bit of 'your babyhood has slipped away much too quickly' that's haunting me. Really I guess it's the 'oh, please pretend to let it bother you so I can comfort you like I did when you were little' hurt that I'm feeling.

I called the lady who rented us the cottage and she's going to go up this weekend and look for Puppy.

I guess I can't really go back to the area, and hand out lost dog flyer's can I?

No, I didn't think so.


8 thoughts on “Where? Oh where, has my Puppy gone?

  1. Hello loyal blog reader and commenter! It’s been a while.
    As a child, I had a lamb stuffed animal (weird I know) that I loved and slept with and STILL have. So, I understand where you’re coming from and I hope Puppy is found safe and sound (or perhaps he’s met Ms. Puppy and they’re frolicking around somewhere right now!).


  2. That is sad. I am so sorry!!! My mom still has my “Cindy Dog” by her bed. She put it there when I went to college and it has stayed there for the last 13 years!!! I hope that “Puppy” finds his way home.


  3. I too know this feeling, I hope you find him soon. It took me 38 years. I had a monkey, I loved him, but he got lost or thrown away and I was always disappointed that other stuffed animals were saved, like the elephant, I didn’t love the elephant that much. I always wished I had that monkey back because he was the one I truly loved the best. I saw one like him in an antique (I know, I know!) store last week, I held him for a while, but I didn’t buy him because he was priced at $40.00. I just couldn’t justify spending the money. But now I’m happy, because I know that there’s one just like him out there somewhere.
    wow, just hijacked the comments there, you touched me with this one.


  4. My middle daughter had a small white bear, called “Bear Bear”. We lost bear bear about a year ago, but every once in a while she’ll ask if I think we’ll ever find him, if I think he’s okay. While I know she wishes she had him back, sometimes I think I was more traumatized by his being lost than she was!


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