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I was walking youngest daughter down the hall to her classroom today when we heard her being paged over the intercom system to come down to the office.

This is an unusual occurrence and I guess my eight year old panicked.

She turned to me, grabbed my hand and demanded that I go with her.

I agreed.

She then turned to me and said, "If I'm in trouble, it's all your fault."

Yep. I am to blame for everything.

It turned out that she was being paged to pick up her physical education sweatshirt that she had left in the school change room yesterday.

So, I guess it was my fault that she got called to the office. I was the one, after all, that put her name on it.

Bad Mama.

5 thoughts on “Paging

  1. Great story! I was accused yesterday of putting cottage cheese and fruit into her lunchbox. Despite my efforts of reassuring her that we do not have cottage cheese and thus it could not have been me, she was convinced. Something tells me this doesn’t end – I think I’m still blaming my mom for the fact that I was so shy all through school. (But I was! And it must be her fault – isn’t it?) =)


  2. this reminded me of the time i was in 6th grade & got called to the principal’s office. i was SO scared. i had no idea what i had done & that scared me even more.
    turned out, someone found a dollar after PE and it had my name on it (?). so principal returned it to me— after telling me it’s against the law to write on US $.


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