Oh, bother

I got my first nasty comment today. I now feel like a real blogger.

It's not down there, I deleted it. But before I did I checked where it was from.

So, young lady who posts nasty comments, listen up! Just so you know, the system I use does a pretty good job of letting me know where the comments I receive come from, so if you have a problem with my blog, please just don't visit it any more. Thanks.


Other business.

To everyone else, thanks for all your support over my baby boy's homework issues. He is now all caught up and we are at peace again. For today.

Oh, and for everyone who is asking. I am NOT as skinny as my cute little character up there. I would have to remove some ribs to be as skinny as her. I am a healthy size ten. Honest. I want to say eight, but I'd be lying.

I think that's it for today. I'll try and post something more interesting tomorrow. I have classes so I get lots of good material from my fellow students at the University who are all much smarter and better dressed than I.


3 thoughts on “Oh, bother

  1. Sorry to hear you got a nasty comment…how annoying! Hope it didn’t bug you too much.
    Glad the homework stuff is sorted out, at least for now. Now that she’s in JK, Hana gets a wee bit of homework on weekends. She thinks it’s FUN! I’m not looking forward to the battles we’ll have when she finally starts to think it’s not so much fun after all.


  2. A nasty comment almost stopped me from blogging completely…I am slowly but surely getting back on my game, but it can be tough. I am sorry that it happened to you and I hope she is gone for good!
    Yahoo on the homework front!


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