For Sale: One son

I have an almost eleven year old boy in my house who doesn't want to do his homework.

He. is. driving. me. crazy.

The amount of time he has spent throwing himself around and yelling about his homework was the same amount of time he could have used to get the homework done ten times over.

The worst part of it is that he lied to me about it. He was supposed to have it all done before he went golfing with his Dad yesterday but he didn't do it.

Now I feel like I have to stand my ground. I want to just send him to school and have him face the consequences for not doing the work, but because he lied I told him he would now have to stay in his room, this lovely Sunday afternoon, until the homework is done. Now I have to follow through on the punishment.

Of course my hubby is the hero because he took my pain in the ass darling son golfing yesterday and to hockey practice today without his homework being done.


I'm tired of being the bad guy.

My hubby is in the dog house too because I asked him to check that dearest son's homework really was done before he took him out.

Hubby didn't bother checking.

I think I need to go out this afternoon and buy some new shoes so I can kick both my boy's butts.

I'm gonna buy high heels too.

Really high ones with pointy toes.

Those'll hurt. Their backsides I mean, not me.

16 thoughts on “For Sale: One son

  1. I think learning to do homework is as important as the getting the homework done. I have a ten year old boy. I know what you are going through…
    If you can manage a nice pair of heels out of this deal you are way ahead of most of us….


  2. Oh honey I feel your pain. I just had the joy of going to parent teacher conferences for my 12 year old son. Not even a month into the school year and we are missing 3 homework assignments. I almost killed him — at least you are selling yours instead of killing him.
    Oh and make sure they are nice expensive heels too, that will just add to the pain for your hubby 🙂


  3. This is why I wouldn’t have been a good Mom, when I used to babysit my sister’s pains in the ass, oops, I mean lovely children, I would just do their homework for them writing with my left hand so it would look messy so I wouldn’t have to deal with trying to get them to do it.
    Not helpful, I know.
    I love your honesty in this post.


  4. I’ll offer up the ‘one free’ in ‘buy one, get one free’. I’m so exhausted this evening from ‘expressing’ my disappointment in the many ways my son is being irresponsible this weekend. Not doing homework being just one of them. (You’d think already having a study hall for failing to do homework would have an effect, but no).
    I’m thinking weekdays are now more relaxing than weekends.


  5. TOTALLY know what you mean! My 13 yo daughter does the same dang thing. We’ve had to tell her that if the homework isn’t done, then no basketball or any extracurriculars. That lit a mini fire under butt, for now. Good luck!


  6. urgh. i hate that you and your husband aren’t “together” on this. as a former teacher, i applaud your efforts and keeping your ground. hopefully your husband will come on the same page. & i highly recommend stillettos for you. (which reminds me of eddie murphy’s bit: shoe-throwin’ mama). HA


  7. This reminds me of a recent forum post where someone with older kids says: “it doesn’t get easier as they get older.” Your post confirms that sentiment. Sigh.
    Any luck today? Did you get the shoes? Did he get his butt in gear and do the assignments? I wish you and him good luck! (:


  8. many many children later, i also had a problem with homework. i insisted that every day of the week, they come home, they sit down, i would feed enormous amounts of food they would love and they did their homework in front of me at the kitchen table, or island, depending on the kitchen, stage in life, etc. eventually it was not a problem because guess what, they loved not having to worry about their homework. loved having it done. when they finished, packed in the bag for next day, all hell could break loose and i didn’t care. it was a rule. finished. i HATED the tears and frustrations when it was a fight. i bribed them, i did everything i could to organize and establish a routine. i always helped with the homework as well.


  9. You need some hard core stilettos with glass heals and steel bottoms! I’m not a big fan of the Dad-hero phenomenon. It happens already quite a bit around here and my oldest just started school!
    I love your graphics by the way. I know they’ve probably been up for a while but I have been a terrible blogworker lately and haven’t been posting to my favorite blogs as much as I want to.


  10. Not looking forward to these issues. My first grader already hates the homework part of school and wants to do NOTHING when he gets home. Unfortunately, he also need the extra help so even on days when nothing comes home, we HAVE to do something. It is no fun. And it has JUST begun.


  11. I sympathize. The only thing worse than a hero Dad is an absent one. There’s no winning.
    I’m pretty sure I did more of the kid’s homework when he was that age, than he did. Don’t make that mistake.
    Stand your ground. He might not appreciate it, but you’ll thank yourself later.


  12. Hi there, a few days late. Glad things are better. Not giggling at your blog, but, coincidentaly, there is an add for soccer shoes on your side bar right now. Now, high heels would look great on you, but just think how the soccer shoes applied to a butt would get the boys (yes the two of them) going! Of course, you are too nice to really kick them, but the image…lol


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