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Cookie 011

This is Cookie. She is a guinea pig.

My darling ten year old son bought her with his birthday money two years ago and then, after being fascinated with her for about two weeks, lost interest in his new pet.

I have now moved Cookie's cage down into our family room so that she sees more of the family. We tend to live between this room and the kitchen so now all of us pay some attention to her as we go by.

My darling son is still required to clean her cage every weekend but she's now become more of a family pet. Even the cat sleeps on top of the cage in the afternoon and Cookie really doesn't seem to mind.

I noticed today, as I was dumping a bunch of left over salad into her cage, that this little thing is very grateful for my attention. She gurgles and chirps with pleasure whenever I toss a carrot her way or stop to pet her fuzzy nose. She's actually quite a pleasure.

The rest of my family lately? Not such a pleasure.

I only wish all it took to get the rest of the family to chirp happily for me was to throw the odd vegetable their way.

I'd even throw a few desserts at them if I thought it would make them chirp happy. 

5 thoughts on “Happy Chirps

  1. Sounds like a typical family pet. You are a good mom to take care of it. Oh and try chocolate cookies — my kids always get happy and will do whatever I want when I offer (bribe) cookies. 🙂


  2. Argh. What’s going on with da family? Giving you a hard time?
    Your guinea pig is awfully cute; pets really do provide that unconditional love and ask for so little in return.


  3. I just wandered into your little neck of the woods; nice to meet you! =) What a sweet little guinea pig…and I am amazingly immpressed with your recent “tossing” spree! Perhaps I will follow your lead…
    I’ll be back!


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