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Packing School Lunches

I was scooting around the ‘blogosphere’ this morning and I kept coming across blogs with posts about what parents are putting in their kid's school lunches.

I have a question.

Do any kids really EAT the stuff these parents say they send?

We can’t send peanut butter or any nut products to my kid’s school because of allergies. Right now there’s also a HUGE deli meat recall going on because of a ‘listeria’ outbreak in town too.

That leaves me – what? Um, bagels and cream cheese? Great.

Kids cannot live on bagels and cream cheese alone, although I have one child who may try.


So, today I warmed up the pizza that was left over from Saturday night’s dinner for my son’s lunch, threw in a pear, some carrot sticks and some animal crackers for dessert. He gets juice or milk at the school.

My daughter got the pasta left over from Sunday’s dinner, another pear, more carrot sticks and chocolate pudding for her sweet tooth. She also gets milk every day at school.

My bet is all the pears come home again, unless of course they get traded away for gum or something equally nutritious.

I will keep sending fruit and veggies in my kid’s lunch boxes every day, but honestly? I think it’s fifty-fifty whether my kids’ll eat them or not.

So, I’m waving the white flag.

My children are growing. They’re not sick. So you know what? I give up.

I’ve now decided that lunch will be my lost meal of the day. I’ll force a decent breakfast and dinner on my children and hope for the best with lunch.

Besides, I think I survived my entire high school life on french fries and chocolate cream donuts for lunch and look at how well I turned out.

Oh. Right.

Okay, I’ll keep sending in the carrots too. Maybe they'll eat one or two by mistake.

9 thoughts on “Packing School Lunches

  1. This battle is as long as any war in the middle east… My daughter (almost 16) is by no means anorexic or bulemic -She likes to eat. She likes healthy food, she also likes junk food. I have given up trying to pack her lunch bag for her as most things would come back untouched. On the first day of school this year I got a call from the school saying my daughter had fainted. Yes it was very hot (33C) and no she had not had much to drink. Then I found out what she had eaten that day: a granola bar for breakfast and a handful of spinach and some crackers for lunch. I can’t control what she eats or doesn’t eat at school – I can only make sure she’s sitting down to a well-balanced supper and that she is otherwise healthy. Good luck in the battle at Lunch Bag Ridge!


  2. I don’t blame you a bit. I can’t help but think we worry too much about these things. Even with my son I don’t obsess too much about having every meal be perfectly nutritionally sound. I just make sure I stir in berries with his oatmeal and yogurt and make an occasional lasagna in which I hide every vegetable known to man…that’s gotta be good enough.
    My mom hates vegetables and I was lucky to get canned peas on occasion…


  3. I only have to pack my own lunch. And sometimes that is a challenge, even though I know what I like and there are no restrictions. If you want to send meat, could you cook chicken breasts or roast beef and slice them for a sandwich?


  4. Just figure out what they WILL eat. My oldest? Liked room temp canned green beans. YUCK! But she’d eat an entire can so whatever. My youngest will still eat an apple every day. Again, whatever. Just as long as they eat and it’s not cr@p!


  5. I make my kids buy. The school food isn’t bad, really, and they have choices daily. I refuse to go through the agony of packing only to see most of it come home. If they buy I am in ignorant bliss over what they do and do not eat.


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