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Me too

One of the local 'family eating' places has their waiters and waitresses dress in blue jeans and black t-shirts with cute sayings on the back.

On Friday we went there for dinner. The waitress working at the next table was about my age and her t-shirt said,

'Yes, I'm very good in bed. I could sleep there for days.'

I thought to myself, 'Yep. Me too lady, me too.'

I'm getting old.

6 thoughts on “Me too

  1. me too, me too. i love my bed. kath will attest to that fact. i can surround myself with my computer, my camera, my magazines, my books, my television, my music, food, wine, coffee, newspapers. i let the kids visit, although i hate them lying on the bed with their street/everyday clothes on, which of course only eggs them on to jump and roll around screaming let’s lie on mom’s bed with our street clothes on, for years, maybe 25, they have been doing this. on the bed, but it’s my bed. i love my bed. no, absolutely no, socks on my bed every. there you go, a picture of my dark side. xo margie


  2. Yes, Margie loves her bed. I have learned from the best and at least once every couple of weeks I get into bed very early, 7:30, and I don’t go to sleep, I read and surf the ‘net, but I do it just to be in my bed.


  3. First off: Hey, thanks for including my blog in your egg roll er…blog roll. (:
    And, after 12 hours with two wee ones, the ol’ bed is calling and it ain’t for a romp in the sack if you know what I mean! Ah, sleep.


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