Aches and Pains

I have a back ache and the doctor has prescribed some 'ratio-oxycocet' for me. I NEVER take medication and taking this narcotic has thrown me for a loop and I've only been on it for one day.

I think I'm starting to see why people can write such weird poetry and music on drugs. Yooo Weee. Anyone know how many people are out there driving while on this kinda stuff? Scary that. 

I think I feel worse on the medication than I do with my sore back however so I'm going to stop taking the meds.

I may try and write a best seller before I do though. Can you write 500 pages in one day?

Sigh. I'm off to find some plain old Advil - that's gotta be safer.

4 thoughts on “Aches and Pains

  1. I am not big on taking “drugs” either. Give me some Tylenol and Advil and that will be enough for me. I’d be interested in reading your drug-induced book. Good luck with that. LOL!


  2. Crap. That’s not good – save for the high as a kite part.
    Have you tried yoga and pilates? I’ve had weird back and rib problems a lot lately and find it helps as preventative medicine.
    Feel good soon.


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