Being Female

I’m not a Pit Bull.

Sarah Palin is a mother of five and a U.S. vice-president hopeful who has taken "hockey mom" as her brand.

What's the difference between a pit bull and a hockey mom?" Palin, Alaska's governor, asked in her speech to the Republican convention.


Now, my son plays hockey. I go to games, I cheer, and I support him 110% at the games. I also wear lipstick. Okay, I wear lipstick when I remember to grab it. Even when I forget though no one has ever compared me to a pit bull. Does this mean I'm not a hockey Mom?

What I also want to know is why hockey? Why did she choose Canada's 'unofficial' national sport? Isn't baseball the American sport of choice? If that's not tough enough how about football? I know she's from Alaska so what about ice sledders or Xtreme snow-machine riders or something? Surely her kids played some of these sports too. 

Besides, I know A LOT of hockey Moms and we can't even pretend to compare ourselves to pit bulls because in my home province that particular breed of dog is illegal. Yep, in Ontario we have a law that prevents people from acquiring a number of breeds of dogs classified as pit bulls and requires those who owned the dog, before the law was passed, to neuter and muzzle their animals. Go figure. A muzzle would also make it very hard to cheer.

Okay, I do get it. Ms. Palin is tenacious, she's a fighter, and she's tough. But really, why is she comparing herself to a dog? Why not a polar bear or a wolf?

I must say that although I didn't like Ms. Palin's joke, I wish the lady well. Personally I don't think I could manage five kids, a newborn with special needs, pull together my daughter's wedding and handle the press involved for the high stress job she's running for. I do however admire her for trying.

Maybe we need to get Sarah Palin a wife to help her get everything done.

Oh, I forgot – Ms. Palin's a wife too.

In that case she should be fine. At least she will be, as long as she stays away from any more dog jokes. 

4 thoughts on “I’m not a Pit Bull.

  1. You’re cracking me up!
    And your new fall look is very cozy. So did you find the pants yet? HA!
    And you had asked about my picture sizes on my blog. I just use the blogger template and upload them using the medium setting. Not sure if that’ll help you out or not.


  2. What did you think about her speech otherwise? I’m a die-hard liberal but I appreciated her calm, focused approach and excellent speech. However, good communications skills does not a VP make. Lipstick or not.


  3. Maybe its time to launch a new job? The Wives’ Wife!! Hmmmm…
    In all seriousness, I agree with you about Palin…then again with the myriad of rumors flying around about the newborn and her teen daughter’s pregnancy and all, makes you wonder what else there is to her?


  4. Ya, you can tart anything up with lipstick even a pit bull. But hey pitbulls are vicous and mean….then so are some hockey moms…. not sure if polar bears are any better.


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