Cool Dressed Mama

I was struggling to get my new 'fall look' banner loaded here when my eldest daughter wandered into my office last night.

She asked what I was doing and after I told her she peeked over my shoulder and said in a VERY loud voice, 'OMG.'

'What?' I asked, hoping she had seen something obvious that I was missing and would help me get the banner loaded easily.

'The pants,' she exclaimed. 'The pants on Tired Mama are soooo ugly.'

What the?

For the record, they are not. I think I look very cute and I'm going out tomorrow to buy the 'real me' the EXACT same pair.

So there. 


8 thoughts on “Cool Dressed Mama

  1. Glad I’m not the only one with a daughter who’s a fashion critic. My four-year-old regularly assesses my outfit for the day and lets me know if it’s okay or not.
    For the record, I think the pants are quite flattering.
    And the pie looks good, too!


  2. For the winter edition, promise me you put big ole comfy sweat pants on your hott, illustrative self!
    And your audience must know what you are doing with that pie? Are you aiming it at your daughter?
    (me. smiling.)


  3. I’m thrilled that my two girls think I am so glam…they are both under 4. How long will this last. Anyhoo, I purport to be a fashion expert so I’ve got to keep trying. I’m off and running again with giveaways on Momtrends. Visit the blog at:
    Here’s what we have so far:
    Lollitops hat for girls
    2 lucy tees for adults
    2 Dinosaur tees from Playground Partisans
    And at least one more contest to come! Stop by and check it out.


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