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Soccer in the rain

It is pouring rain here today so we went and sat out in it to watch my son play soccer in his team's division finals.

We were wet and cold but the boys won so I suppose it was all good. 

Now, because he won, my son's team gets to play in the 'final' finals next week.

Once again it is supposed to be wet and cold.


I'm happy for him but I must admit all this wet cold weather is making hockey rinks look kinda inviting.

And that my friends is something I NEVER thought I would say.

9 thoughts on “Soccer in the rain

  1. I remember soccer in the pouring rain with my oldest…back in the day. We’ve even had it canceled due to too much snow on the field to see the lines!
    Both of my girls want to sleep in. The oldest slept in til near noon most of the summer, but now that she’s up at 5:15 am for school, it’s harder to sleep in that late! 🙂


  2. Came here after googling “slut slippers” to help a poor dear neighbor deal with her daughter then the local high school Miss something or other pageant. Saw the soccer post and had to add that our boys had great soccer careers, including state championships. Yet, we were never so happy and proud as when they were gone gone GONE, and we discovered we could go the mountains BY OURSELVES, on a SATURDAY and spend the night WITHOUT PLANNING (oh, yeah, the dog died, too). Yay, US! Rah! Rah! Rah!


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