Fall Funk


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When we were away on vacation we didn't get a lot of rain.

That was good for the vacation but bad for my planters. I didn't get anyone to water them while we were away and now they look well, dead.

I am now thinking that I need to get out to the garden center and maybe pick up some 'fallish' looking things for the flower pots I set out beside my front door.

Does this mean summer is really over?

Am I supposed to be ready for autumn?


It's only September 5th and I miss summer already.

22 thoughts on “Fall Funk

  1. Sadly, that’s how mine would look on their best days. I stink at keeping plants and flowers alive. I am going to make an attempt at mums again this year. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed. Yep, summer’s over.


  2. Mine died from sheer neglect. I wasn’t even on vacation. But no worries – the pumpkins are turning orange and they’ll fill those planters quite nicely. I LOVE autumn.


  3. I LOVE fall too. I love the colors and the crispness (and lack of humidity!). What I don’t like is the hurriedness of it all (and the impending countdown to the “Christmas Season”)!


  4. I never got around to my planters this year, they have been displaying lovely thistles all summer, so you are WAY ahead of me, and no I don’t think you are supposed to be ready for fall. I certainly am NOT.
    btw…some sight said they want to sponser me on their sight if I put their widget on my blog, said they got my name from your blog roll…worth it or not?


  5. At least you were away, I was home and mine look like that! When you have your date night, leave a bit early, on the concession roads you can buy mums 3/$10.00. I might pick some up tomorrow and just throw the summer stuff on the compost pile!


  6. I wouldn’t mind a bit of Fall around here–it’s still too darned hot! BTW, thanks for commenting at my blog a while back. Sorry to take so long to respond–I was away from blogging for most of the summer but am now glad to be back!


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