School’s in

My kids start back to school today.

I've been reading a lot of blogs by Moms who are a little teary eyed about their kids heading back to school.


Not so much.

I will miss being able to sleep in a bit and I really liked the kids not having homework to fight with me over do.

But, overall? I'm happy. Yes, I was one of the Mamas doing the 'back to school' happy dance today in the school parking lot after I dropped them off.

I like it when my kids go to school. I like my kids having a routine. I like the whole idea of someone else teaching them things. I like my children being with their friends, making new friends and learning how to socialize with their peers.

Okay, let's be honest – I also like the six hours to myself.

I like grocery shopping without them. I like being able to play whatever music I want in the car for a while. I like being able to sing around the house with no one complaining. I like cleaning up the kitchen in the morning and having it stay clean for longer than half an hour.

I love my kids. I miss them when they're not with me. However, I also appreciate their unique personalities even more when we get a little time away from each other. 

I only hope their time away from me helps them appreciate their Mama's unique personality a little more too.

11 thoughts on “School’s in

  1. YAY!!! Isn’t it a grand day?!?! The thing I miss most is sleeping in too.
    My youngest has only two days this week, so tomorrow she’s home (she’ll only be 4 days a week, but full days). She LOVES school so far.


  2. I wait all summer for them to go to school. Then I dread it for about two days before they go. Then they go and I come home and do the happy dance all day long. I love school.


  3. You know what’s funny? My kids were busier when it was summer. First we had the nanny (that’s a WHOLE other story…) but also my son was in full-day camp for two weeks and other programs throughout the summer whereas now he’s only in school half-days. Sigh…I too love my kids with all my heart but can’t wait for the full-day JK programs to start and the big boy to start Grade 1 full-days next year. (: Free childcare…er…education!


  4. Exactly. If I were a stay at home parent, I would be oh so very giddy about my kids going back to school. I LOVE LOVE LOVE time to myself.
    But alas, I’m not a stay at home parent. And Back to School for me means instead of two kids less I now have twenty kids more!
    But that’s okay.


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