Um, what do you mean it’s September?

Okay, I'm back.

Sigh. Can someone PLEASE tell me where the summer went?

We had a great time getting away and I've got all sorts of stories to tell you. I will too, I promise, I just need to get the laundry done first.

I also have a huge list beside me of things I need to do. I have no idea where this list came from. Actually a big part of it is due to the fact that our house renovations are starting this month and I need to get the house ready for them.

I also noticed in my day-timer that my own University courses start next week. Um, I didn't get nearly enough reading done this summer for them. What happened to all my free time?

Oh, and some of the list has to do with the kid's fall activities all starting up again. I can't really say I've missed the hockey rinks over the last few months. Actually I haven't missed the dance studio either, and I see that starts up again this Saturday, along with kid's piano, singing and guitar lessons. Oh, and wasn't soccer supposed to be done by now?


But my kids go back to school tomorrow, and yes that is glee you hear in my tone, so hopefully I'll have some time to get some of the things started that I need to get done. Then again, I could just nap.

I'll keep you posted. But now I need to go and get some laundry done. Good mama's send their kids to school in clean undies for the first day ya know. Er, or so I hear. 

5 thoughts on “Um, what do you mean it’s September?

  1. stop your whining missy leanne… picked the nicest week of the whole summer for your cottage holiday. you had gorgeous weather!! for those of us from ontario, the summer landed on top of our umbrellas. glad you had such a good holiday and it’s true, september is overwhelming.


  2. Clean undies–check!
    Hair and teeth brushed–check!
    School bag & lunch inside–check!
    My youngest boarded the bus for kindergarten for the first time ever…today… it’s too quiet here (but I’ll get used to it!!!)!


  3. Wow, you do have quite the list on the go. I guess what so many have told me is true: parenting doesn’t get easier as your children grow, it just changes.
    Good luck to your kiddies and hooray for clean underwear.


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