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At the cottage – Day Three

I am not a fish person.

My hubby and our son have been out fishing a lot on this vacation, I'm okay with that as hubby says that he's having a lot of 'guy/bonding' time with our boy. That's a good thing.

Up until yesterday morning, all I've had to do is send along a camera and ohh and ahh at the fish pictures that come home.

I can handle this. 

But yesterday afternoon my son decided to fish from the cottage dock. Hubby wasn't around and the girls and I were having a good time watching my son try and catch, what looked the same little green shiny fish over and over again. He couldn't land the silly thing though as the fish kept spinning off the line and making a break for it.

Then, of course, he reeled in the little green shiny fish.

Youngest daughter completely flipped out and ran off into the woods screaming about how her brother was 'hurting' the fish.

My son starting yelling about how he couldn't get the hook out from the fish's mouth so he couldn't throw it back in the water.

Eldest daughter ran and filled a pail with water to put the  fish in while I tried, while not touching the fish,to get the hook out of its mouth.

Great. It was two minutes of major yelling on the dock by a bunch of lunatic city folk.

Then, with a mighty spin the little shiny green fish, obviously disgusted with our ineptness, flipped itself out of the bucket, spat out the hook and landed on the dock.

I reached out, flipped him back into the lake and he swam away.

Yeah me. I am not as big a wimp as I thought I was.

Oh, and for any of you who might have been fishing on the lake and had a good laugh at us?

You're welcome.

4 thoughts on “At the cottage – Day Three

  1. Ha. I have a memory like this, screaming, yelling, my Aunt coming down from her cottage and dropping a stone on the fish’s head. (Before the days of catch and release!). Margie is the fisher in our family.


  2. Are you still there? Despite the fishy incident, it sounds like a blast. I can’t believe our cottage trip is over already. Are your kids ready to go BTS? More importantly, are you ready for them to go? (:


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