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At the cottage – Day One



Bright and early yesterday morning these guys were waiting at our front door. Good thing I had a few hamburger buns left from dinner last night.

Obviously who ever had rented the cottage previously had been feeding them too. The kids were thrilled that they would eat right out of their hands.

I just hope come winter, when everyone has gone home, these babies know how to fend for themselves.

Now, after we leave, I"m gonna worry about them.


3 thoughts on “At the cottage – Day One

  1. be careful leanne!! our whole family suffers from boat envy. we can watch the same boat go by the dock three times a day and we will all say, now that’s a nice boat!! oh here comes another one, ohhh, that’s a great boat! oh look, that’s what we want, that wakeboard boat! i am even suffering from boat envy, if i am in the car and i drive by boats for sale, i slow down, ahhh, there’s a nice one.


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