Letters make me happy

My son has now been at camp for ten days.


I'm holding on. Barely. I can't believe how much I'm missing him. When he's home he's driving me crazy, when he's away I'm a mess. Go figure.

The great news is today I got a letter. It was not long, it did not have tons of information in it, but it was oh, so him and I'm gonna keep it for the rest of my life. Seriously, I am.

It read:


I am still alive!

It's really fun. We've been canoeing, swimming, sailing and doing biology.

We caught the biggest frog!

And today I was walking and almost stepped on a snake and it scared me because I didn't see it.

Thanks for the letter and thank Rebecca for the picture.


Love, Robbie

It even had X's and O's beside his name. 

This kinda stuff is better than diamonds and even chocolate I tell ya, better than just about anything really.

Tired Mama is very happy tonight. 

9 thoughts on “Letters make me happy

  1. i remember oh so well those camp letters. i actually framed one. it read:
    hi mom dad
    send my hocey stik.
    that was it, it wasn’t signed. if it hadn’t been for the star wars writing paper that my sister had made on the computer for him, i wouldn’t have known who it was from!!!


  2. I LOVE IT! It’s more than I’m alive. I go with framing it. Of course you can put it in some place that he won’t see it all the time, like your closet. Maybe it can remind you, when he is driving you crazy, that you do miss him when he is away!


  3. Love that!!! I would also keep something like that forever!! Glad to hear he is alive and having fun. Isn’t it funny how when they are around you want to go crazy but miss them when they are gone?


  4. That’s wonderful! I loved getting letters from my girl when she was away, though it was never more than 7 days.
    PS… I’ve kept them all too! šŸ™‚


  5. Can’t even imagine what that would be like! We still have a few years before the boys head off, but I am sure that I’ll be waiting by the mailbox for my letters! That’s wonderful that he not only wrote but actually shared some info!


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