Big Winner. Not.

I bought a lottery ticket this week. I didn't win. Now there's a big surprise.

I'm not sure why I bought a ticket, I was paying for a Popsicle for my youngest daughter at the local convenience store, and I had change coming so I bought the ticket with it.

Actually, I guess I did match the first number on the Encore section so I suppose I really did win as I think I get another ticket into next week's draw with the match.

The dream lives on.

I'm sure you're all be waiting anxiously to see if I win, so I'll make sure to keep you posted.

By the by, what would you do with some extra money?

Me? I think I'd pay for some house renovations.

I think.

Anyone else got any better ideas?

6 thoughts on “Big Winner. Not.

  1. I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about what I would do, if I had the money. A small amount? I would do a bathroom remodel, new counter, lights, faucets, etc. Another small amount? I would buy a big deep freezer so that I could be freezing vegetables instead of canning this year which seems to be a lot of work.
    A lot of money? Quit my job and play every day.


  2. Love your new banner. Where’d you get it? Professional?
    Lottery winnings. Hmmm…donate some to charity, pay off our bills, new vacation, RESPs for the kids, maybe an inground pool in the backyard. Oh, you’ve got me dreaming now, Leanne.


  3. Strange things are happening with my blog comments ):
    Love your new look. Where’d you get the design?
    Lottery win would include: donations to charity, paying off house and bills, RESPs for the kids, new inground pool for the backyard, vacations! Oh, you’ve got me dreaming now.


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