Here come the teachers, and the books…


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School Supplies 004

I decided this week to take a picture of the 'latest' large purchase I've made with my Visa.

Exciting, eh?

When I look at this 'load' of stuff it looks like so much, but when it's broken up between three kids it's really not that big an amount.


Where did the days go when everyone in the class just brought in a big box of crayons and the kids all shared them from one big bin?

I'm feeling old these days.

Old and broke. 

14 thoughts on “Here come the teachers, and the books…

  1. First time ever we are out buying school supplies too. And well while we are at it getting some extra for crafts at home.
    It can be a lot of work but it can be as rewarding and fun too.
    Soo yeah one may feel tired but at least have a smile on the lips 🙂


  2. I get to do that this afternoon. Woo Hoo I am so excited (read with huge amounts of sarcasm) I can’t wait to spend a $100 bucks on school supplies. It will be the highlight of my day.


  3. i love the feel of new stationery! we are still in the throws of winter here, but i’m feeling the bloggy sadness from you northern hemisphere folks that summer is over and everyone didn’t quite achieve what they wanted, but feeling the general excitement that school’s going back soon.


  4. I was just having that same thought yesterday. It was absolutely insane how much money I spent and then a couple of the teacher actually asked for cash donations also! Holy Cow! Public School is expensive!


  5. Wow. You got a lot of feedback on the school supplies post.
    It’s funny, my friend Jayne just blogged about how she loves school supplies and can’t wait to buy some for her young son this year. And, I thought it was just me! Are your kids psyched about their new supplies?


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