You too?

J0427685 My library has a new service. They now send me an e-mail when my library books are due. The actually send me a notice one day before the books are due and then they send another the day they're due.

I'm having a whole love/hate relationship with the thing.

I love the idea that I can now be reminded about my books being due so I won't have to pay the fines. I seem to have a problem some days remembering to do these little things.

On the other hand, it just seems like this is one more person bugging me to get something done.

Honestly? I'm getting a little tired of THAT.

Still, I think I've personally funded most of the local libraries new wing with the fines I've paid, and I can assure you they're not putting my name on the building.


I'm off to unearth my almost due books.

6 thoughts on “You too?

  1. Oh I have definitely funded at least a wing, possible two with my fines. However, it is still less than I would have spent at a book store, so I figure I am still ahead of the curve!
    Not sure I would like the notification…does sound a bit like a nag, on the other hand saving money is always good.


  2. I got a nice reminder call about my appointment to have my lady bits examined. Fortunately my appointment isn’t until Thursday giving me plenty of time to “forget” between now and then. 😉


  3. I wish our library did that! I am always forgetting!!! and, therefore, pay a lot in fines constantly. Nevermind the lost books that I have never found. Our town has a rinky dinky little pathetic library (they are not even online!), but fortunately the bigger town over we get a free membership there too. Phew!


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