Gone shopping!

Tomorrow is a day where Tired Mama's calendar is pretty clear. My girls and I have nothing pressing to do. Yeah!

Should we be doing things? Sure, but we're not going to.

Instead, my two daughters and I have decided to go do some 'cross border' shopping.

Where are we going? Well, my daughters like Target and I love Anne Taylor and since neither of these stores are in Canada it's probably safe to bet that we'll start at these shops and then we'll see where the 'shopping winds' take us.

We'll talk, we'll buy shoes, we'll have lunch and we'll still be back in time for dinner.

I told hubby that we're going over to New York to get our 'back to school' shopping done. I'm just not sure he believed me when I told him that shoes were on both the girl's lists from school.

Oh well.

Glue sticks may be what's on the lists, but shoe shopping is a lot more fun.

5 thoughts on “Gone shopping!

  1. No Ann Taylor. No Target. Dang rural OHIO.
    And although I am enthralled with office supplies (I get downright giddy over Sharpies and funky paper clips), I’m all for a shoe shopping extravaganza!


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