Where’s my boy?

Today I drove for two and a half hours, then rode in a boat for thirty minutes to deliver my son to the 'great wilderness' for twelve days of camp.

This is a northern Ontario camp where my son will fish, shoot, swim, kayak, windsurf, canoe, out-trip, build fires, wood-work and do all the 'old fashioned' kid stuff of camping.

I took a quick tour of the place and while it does have running water it's sorta uh, rustic.

On the tour my son's counselor showed me the camp snake collection and the pond where they put the turtles and frogs the boys collect.

I saw my son's bunk bed and the small hard mattress he'll sleep on.

I saw the lake my son will bath in every morning at seven am.

I also saw the big dining hall with all its plastic plates and mugs. All the walls here were decorated with inspirational sayings about how boys grow to be men while camping in the great outdoors.

I saw a lot of things, then I left my baby boy there, got back on the boat to go back to my van and then I drove two and a half hours to get home again.

I'm sure tonight my son is very happy. Me? I'm a little sad.

As I was driving home I was thinking about all the sayings on the dinning room walls. I think it's great that this place will help my son grow into a man.

I'm just not sure I'm ready for my little boy to be a man yet.

Twelve more 'sleeps' until he's home. Yes, I'm counting.

6 thoughts on “Where’s my boy?

  1. Sheesh. That would be hard ): Will he call or write to you? How old is your son?
    I hope he has a wonderful, inspiring time at camp and makes life-long friends there.


  2. Yes, that would be tough to do, but even in the greater scope of things is the maturity that is inevitable. In the blink of an eye they become their own person, less dependent on mom. It’s a hard pill to swallow.


  3. How I so relate my friend. Mine got home today — I don’t think he even missed me or home. When I picked him up he had the biggest smile on his face. They grow up way to fast.


  4. Holy crumbs. I don’t think I am ready for that stuff either. Not at all. There are honestly days when I just want to gather my kids and freeze time. Then I remember how much they have to look forward to. I’m sure when the time comes they will be way more ready for these milestones than me!


  5. Wow! When my daughter had started going away to camp, she was 8, but it was only 45 minutes away at that time (now we live 13 minutes to that same camp, though she hasn’t gone in 3 summers now).
    Can’t wait to hear how his camp time went! They grow up so fast. {{HUGS}}


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