Take me out…

Yesterday was a holiday here in Tired Mama land so we decided to take the kids to a baseball game.

Over the span of nine innings we bought out the snack stand.

We cheered, we ate, we danced and we were even put on the big screen in center field for a second.

But, mainly? Mainly, we dropped stuff.

Yep, we littered.

All the sticky wrappers, empty cups and peanut shells got dropped onto the nice shiny concrete stadium floor.


It wasn't just us either, it was everyone there. The place was a mess! Why is it that at a baseball stadium it seems to be perfectly acceptable to throw one's garbage on the floor?


I wouldn't allow my kids to do this anywhere else, but at the baseball stadium? There, it seems to be expected.

I started to tell my kids to stop doing it. I tried to tell them to climb across a dozen people and go up three flights of stairs and find a garbage can.

Hubby and the kids just looked at me funny.

So, they threw everything on the ground, just like everyone else there, and in the end, so did I.

You know what?

It was kinda fun. I felt like I was being given permission to break a law or something.

I am just a rebel.

A rebel in a Mama disguise. Yoo Hoo!

Sad. Very sad.

4 thoughts on “Take me out…

  1. I am not sure I could do it. I used to back in the days before the litter bug ads … still it sounds like fun. We did what every self-respecting Canadian who lives on the border does, we went over to the states to shop!


  2. It is an interesting question. But honestly, the idea of doing what you said and climbing over people and then going up stairs, blah blah blah…not worth it.
    It does feel sort of naughty though, doesn’t it??
    Oh, and I so wish I could send you some sleepy vibes. If I did though, you would be mad at me. ALL of those pictures on my post were taken in the wee hours of the morning because that is when my children sleep. I cheer when they calm down by midnight.


  3. Dude. I’m not just saying this but we are on the same wavelength! I just got home from seeing a movie with my mom. (Aside: I wanted to take her to see Mamma Mia — it’s so awesome — but it was sold out!).
    While we were exiting the theatre, I was thinking about how disgustingly dirty and messy the theatre was littered with cups, popcorn cones, wrappers, etc. Gross!
    Did you see The Blue Jays? Besides the litter-buggery, it sounds like a good time.


  4. hi stranger! this is so true…i experienced the same thing…only at a raiders football game, oh the drama! have you seen these fans? they are crazy!!!! i too fell into the “ooh goody i can be bad and litter trap”, and just for good measure, i spilled some of my drink…so i’m a bigger rebel than you, ha!


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