Yikes, summer flies!

It’s August.


How the heck did that happen?

We’ve been busy – vacations, camps, swimming, gardening and just doing life stuff but I’m still not sure where the summer is disappearing to so fast.

I know there’s supposed to be some lazy days in here somewhere. So, today I think I’m gonna go hunt one down and make it be uh, lazy.

All right then, I’m off to the pool. Time for a fruity drink, a book and some summer lazy time.

Who’s with me?

2 thoughts on “Yikes, summer flies!

  1. ME!!!!!! Oh wait I have to take the kids school shopping this afternoon. The summer has gone way to fast but my house is so messy one of the messes may swallow someone whole if the kids do not go back to school soon!!


  2. Sign me up! I was just thinking today that I’d love nothing more than to sit outside and read under the shade of a tree. Why didn’t I do that this summer?


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