Dangerous Waters

Those of us who weren’t sick went to swimming lessons today.

I was watching my eight year old’s lesson at one end of the pool, while at the other end my eldest daughter was one of the instructors trying to convince a group of three years old’s that they should get into the water. 

 They weren’t buying it. There were A LOT of tears.

Then, one little person pointed at the water and clear as a bell shouted, ‘No, no, it’s dangerous!’ 

Hmmm. I wonder where he’s heard that one before. Poor baby.

Dangerous yesterday – fun today.

It’s kinda like a lot of things in life, don’cha think?

4 thoughts on “Dangerous Waters

  1. The opposite is also true. As I (ahem) mature, I find that things that were fun yesterday are dangerous today!
    Hope everyone feels better soon.


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