Yes? No? Maybe?

We had friends over on Saturday night, they have two kids and the father told me about a magic word he knows.

The word? ‘No’.

At the time I was talking about possibly giving into youngest daughter’s pleading and getting a dog.

Now, this is something I’ve been thinking about for a while. I like dogs, but I’ve never owned one and to be frank, they sort of intimidate me.

My kids are the right age for a dog, I have a big fenced-in yard and I’m generally home. After a lot of moving around we’re now committed to staying in our current house for at least the next decade. I figure if we’re going to get a dog now’s a good time.

My friends tell me that getting a dog is like having another baby. I liked my babies, but I never crate trained them.  How can a puppy be like a baby?

I like small dogs, I figure they’ll be easier to handle. I also like non-shedding dogs. I figure they’ll be easier to clean up after.

I also really like golden retrievers, but I’m not sure that’s the best place to start, they’re sort of uh, big.

I’m off to surf the net and do some reading about breeds.

Who knows, maybe I’m really a ‘dog person’ after all. Anyone have ANY idea what that means?

8 thoughts on “Yes? No? Maybe?

  1. As the owner of many dogs and many different breeds, I have to throw in my two cents worth. We got a Golden Retriever about 2 years ago, and it has been the best dog I have ever owned. The first few months were a challenge, but now I couldn’t ask for a better companion. Just make sure you crate train…that was the key to puppy success for us! Also, make sure to check out the parents for hip dysplasia and other congenital problems. We didn’t and are paying the price ($$$$ ARGH!)…but still, I wouldn’t trade her for any other dog.


  2. We just recently got our first dog. Our son is 10 and we thought that he was now the perfect age. Our puppy is now 14 weeks old and we couldn’t be happier. He is a crate trained English Springer Spaniel which is a medium sized dog with very soft hair. I had a Springer while growing up and can’t recommend a better dog for children. There are many breeders out there and their prices range from 500 to 1500. Yes they shed, but if you saw my puppy’s face you wouldn’t mind.


  3. Hmmm…I don’t know. I love animals but our well-behaved cat has been peeing and popping around the house and that’s a surprise I don’t need (: I’m sure your kids would love it though.


  4. first of all, thanks for the good wishes, i leave for the hospital in about ten minutes. i know, what the heck am i doing on the internet, well, i have ten minutes to kill and i am ready.
    read my post today, it is about having a dog.
    again, thanks.


  5. Only get a puppy if you have time to train it!!! Otherwise get a dog that is a few years old that someone else has trained. Good luck in teh search, may I also suggest heading to the shelter instead of shelling out a crap load of money.


  6. Leanne, you know I am a Dog person.
    We had our first mutt for 14 years. He was a great gentle soul and my kids grew up with him. Through Bert the kids learned responsibility and compassion for another living creature. The day we had to put Bert down broke my heart. It was what I would assume it would be like losing a child. I cried for weeks. I swore I would never have another dog. Ha! Two years later, I couldn’t stand it anymore and well… you’ve met Miss Sophie our golden retriever. I told you then, babies are easier. Babies wear diapers. Babies don’t have to go out for peepees at midnight on a cold snowy January night, Babies don’t chew socks or your favourite sweatshirt, shred used kleenex and other paper products, Babies don’t steal steak off the plate when you’re not looking…. We spend more time with this darn dog than we do with our children (OK they’re teenagers and are never home anyway). My point is… we love her to pieces and I couldn’t imagine the house without her but she is a lot of work. I can’t go to the gym after work because I have to come home and let the dog out. It doesn’t matter how hot/cold/wet it is she still needs to go for a walk twice a day. We can’t take off for a day trip (let alone an overnight or weekend) unless there is someone around to let the dog out.
    And while your youngest may bat those beautiful eyes and promise she will help clean up the yard and feed and walk the dog, this will ultimately fall on your shoulders. Not hubbys, yours. Make sure you really have time in YOUR life for this new addition.
    Have I convinced you yet?
    Maybe you should read Marley & Me first…


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