Okay, play along.

If I had no kids, no mortgage, no husband, basically no responsibilities, no need to work and tons of money, I would:

1. Drive around in a little red BMW Z4.My Car

2. I would eat out ALL the time.

3. I would hire some one to keep my house clean and do my laundry.

4. I would take singing lessons.

5. I would get a personal trainer, and I might even follow some of his (yes, HIS) advice.

6. I would totally renovate and redecorate my house. I might even move.

7. I would buy a cottage up north and spend all summer sitting out on the dock reading. The boy toy personal trainer could come too.

8. I would travel. Alot.

How about you?

Oh, and don’t even bother telling me that you would do nothing differently and that you would keep your hubby, kids and leave everything exactly as it was, ’cause I’d hate to accuse you of being a LIAR. And I would too. Uh-huh, I would.

8 thoughts on “Fantasy

  1. Yep, all that. Maybe not the personal trainer though. I’d feel a bit guilty for not ever exercising. I’d take a chef instead.
    And I probably wouldn’t have a housekeeper. Much as I’d give my right arm to have one now it’s the family that makes the mess. If it was just me I’d probably enjoy cleaning.


  2. Everything on your list except the cottage up North, I would have a beachside Condo in Biarritz France, complete with a full staff including the chef. No singing lessons either(they just wouldn’t help!)
    I would keep my hubby, what can I say, I really like the guy….


  3. I’m thinking it might be fun for a week or two, or three or four…but anymore than that and it would get lonely…and dare I say it…possibly boring…yikes


  4. Oh, I envy you your imagination. Thinking of what vehicle we’ll get after the minivan, all I find myself looking at on the road are 5 seater crossovers, just smaller equivalents to a minivan! It’s no fun being pragmatic to a fault.


  5. Ooohhh…great blog post.
    Here goes my list:
    1. Keep our nanny day and night
    2. Bring nanny on vacations with us
    3. Get family memberships at all the cool attractions and events around the city
    4. Travel alone, with kids, with hubby
    5. Give lots of money to charity
    6. Get a CUTE, witty, sexy personal trainer (more incentive to work out)
    7. Get a CUTE, witty, sexy personal chef (love that idea, too)
    8. Get a CUTE, witty, sexy housecleaner (;


  6. i had to laugh, reading back over your posts during a fit of insomnia. in response to the comment that this life might be boring, my brother always said give me the money, i’ll try it out and if it’s not working out, i’ll call you.
    we ontario people always think cottage! summer in ontario is like no other although i would be tempted to expand that to include a dash of costa rica in the winter.


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