Just hanging out here in my own little bubble

I have left Facebook.

For those of you who found me on Facebook, nothing personal but it was getting really weird over there.

I had to join Facebook for one of my University courses, and while I enjoyed finding many of my old friends on there, some of the people who were contacting me through it were just plain wacko.

I am not old or prudish, but I was starting to feel that way because of some of the pictures and ‘jokes’ these ‘contacts’ were posting to everyone they know. Lately I’ve been finding myself double checking to make sure that none of my kids were around whenever I was logging into Facebook because I didn’t know what might pop up. 

Since in my world I am a young, hip and cool Mom I decided to purge anything that made me feel differently. So, bye-bye Facebook.

Yeah me!

For all of you who were talking with me on Facebook, you can still contact me through the e-mail link above. I’m looking forward to continued conversations with you, without all the XXX images.

6 thoughts on “Just hanging out here in my own little bubble

  1. I never knew you were on facebook! I’m on it, but so are my main Mommy friends and we play the little games with each other. I don’t add anyone who I don’t know so it hasn’t been weird for me at all. I am on myspace and I dislike that more, but my dd and her cousin are on there so I made them be my friends (hahahahahaaa sounds lame, doesn’t it?).


  2. ha, that is funny! i was on myspace for awhile at the request of a cousin who lives far, far away and wanted to share pix and stuff…i agree…those sites get a little creepy after awhile…not to mention my hubbys ex who likes to play games is on it… ay, yai, yai! i deleted my profile on monday….everyone tells me to go to facebook, “it’s so much better”…i don’t think so!


  3. Awe, how sad. I’m in a little high school-esque competition with a girlfriend to see who could accumulate the most friends and I was winning… until you decided to drop me as a friend. The humanity!
    I’m a facebook fan. I like the pieces of flair application.


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