Water Babies

Every once in a while I do something right.

This summer I encouraged my eldest daughter to volunteer for the month of July at the local pool.

My eldest is a strong swimmer and is very patient with young children, when they’re not related to her, and I thought that this would be a good opportunity for her to see what working as a life guard might be like.

In my town one can volunteer once they turn thirteen. So, my Jen has spent every morning for the last two weeks helping out with the pre-school swimming lessons at our local swimming pool.  It gets her out of bed in the morning, gives her something to do everyday but still gives her a summer to enjoy and time with her friends. 

More importantly? She likes it.

I like hearing her stories about it too. I sigh as she tells me about the little kids who cry for their mothers because they are afraid to go in the water. I love to hear how she tries to calm them down and get them to stick just a toe in the pool. 

I like hearing about the little three year old boy who sits on my daughter’s lap and won’t go near the water until she hears his stories. I love it when she repeats the stories to me, complete with his baby lisp.

I especially love hearing about my daughter’s favorite student, a four year old girl who has big blue eyes, blond pig-tails and a sweet smile. She greets my daughter by name every morning and proudly shows her the different band-aids she has on her knees every day. This little girl loves to float but never wants to get her ‘eyes wet’.  

I love hearing about how my baby is helping other babies.

As I drove my eldest home today I laughed at her stories and remembered the days when I was watching other young teens doing the same things with her – my little girl, who also had big blue eyes, blond pig-tails and a sweet smile.

I know we all talk about how they grow up in the blink of an eye. You know what? They really do.

9 thoughts on “Water Babies

  1. How sweet…as sad as it is that my babies are getting so big so fast, I look forward to seeing the kind of young adults they become. I only hope they hold on to sweet, caring aspects that they have now. You must be so proud of your daughter. She sounds like she is turning into a wonderful person!


  2. Amen sister….it is true, my girls are into dancing and now my 15 year old is an assistant in some of the classes…what happened to the little pink tu-tu’s and cute little leotards…


  3. I think it’s great that your town allows kids to volunteer at thirteen. My daughter is volunteering for two weeks this summer at two different Girl Scout camps, and she also loves to help out the little ones. I love how animated teenagers can be when they are talking about little ones. They really do grow up in the ‘blink of an eye’…sigh


  4. That is incredibly sweet! And I know that feeling…of your little baby showing you these glimpses of how she’s soon going to be a grownup…and what a wonderful grownup she’s going to be. Even if it will kill us to have them BE grownups! 😉


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