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Sailing, sailing…

Hubby wants to buy a boat.

Me? Not so much.

If I had it my way, and we were to spend money on entertainment, I would probably rent a cottage and sit on a dock on a lake. I like peace and quiet.

Hubby, on the other hand, wants to roar around on a lake on a power boat.

Now if he wants a boat and we can find the money to buy one, well, so be it.

Just don’t expect me to roar around with him.

The price of gas may keep his roaring around to a minimum and I would go out oh, maybe twice a year but that’s it.

Do ya think this is a middle aged crisis kinda thing?

Anyway we spent part of yesterday wandering around the boat docks here in town talking to some very nice people about their boats.

Boaters are VERY enthusiastic about their uh, sport. Boaters can talk for a VERY long time about bow thrusters and boat configurations and uh, boat stuff.


Give me a book, a dock and a lake. I’ll watch you roar around from my muskoka chair.

Oh, and if you could keep the boat talk down to a minimum that would be good too. I’d like to hear the loons.  

6 thoughts on “Sailing, sailing…

  1. What is it with men and boats?? My dh had to have a boat (even though we live 1/2 hour from the water), so his brothers and him all went in on one two years ago. First year, it was boat-time all the time. End of last year, something broke. Fixed it over the winter. This Tuesday will be the FIRST time that boat sees water this year. I guess the thrill is over!!
    I’m with you…a nice beach cottage, a cozy chair and a good book…(perhaps a nice margarita too?? or some sweet iced tea??).


  2. My loser neighbors bought a boat to sit in their driveway. They start it up every night. Lovely sound I might add.
    Think they are going to put it in their pool


  3. We were on the river this past 4th. I cant go out in the gulf on a boat…I get sick…I am a wimp. But, put me in the sound or on the river and I am good to go. I was looking for gators but I didnt see any :(…was kinda bummed.
    Oh and let me tell you…you see some sights while boating…lol….people wearing shit they have no bizness putting on.


  4. I’m with you! I really like being out on the lake (we were out on Lake Superior last summer), but it’s pricey and I’m happy by the lake.
    Good luck! I suppose you could read while you sit in the boat while its in your drive/garage/etc?


  5. Maybe you should talk D into a Muskoka or Collingwood timeshare instead of a boat. In the end, with the price of gas, it would cost the same, and you can use it all year long not just the 4 days of the Canadian summer. Just a thought….


  6. Maybe you can buy him a radio controlled boat he can drive around your pool while you sit and read in the muskoka chair !


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