What happened to MY lazy days?

It looks like my summer vacation is going to be two months of picking up and driving my kids around.

I suppose it’s not all that different from their school term, but during the winter months the times that they stayed in one place were longer so it seemed easier.

Everyone got dropped off at 9 am this morning, some a little before and some a little after. That was okay.

Later today one child needs to be picked up at 11:30 from her volunteer activities, another at 12:15 from ‘math camp’ and the third is scheduled to be retrieved at 4 pm from her ‘design camp’. I then need to drop off my eldest again at 4:30 and pick her up at 6:15 for her life saving class at the pool. Tomorrow is even worse as I throw soccer and hockey times into the mix. It’ll all work, but I’m gonna spend my day looking at my watch.


I think I need to start car pooling a bit more. Either that or I need to get my eldest using her bike to get around town.

Maybe I should just paint the mini-van yellow and install a cash machine.

Do you think I could make any money off of them?

3 thoughts on “What happened to MY lazy days?

  1. I am too mean of a mom to sign my kids up for stuff. That would mean I would have to do exactly what you are doing.
    Try the yellow mini van thing adn let us know if it works!!!


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