Food and Drink

I need chocolate.

I want chocolate and there is none in the house.


Not even in the form of chocolate chips that I could mix with a handful of peanuts and throw in my mouth.

I may have to get in the car and drive some where to pick up something. This is not right.

But, this is what happens when your kids are old enough to help themselves to the food in your kitchen. Mine are also old enough now to use up my brownie mixes AND NOT TELL ME.

I am not happy.

Parents of babies beware! Those cute little urchins will soon be big enough to reach your treats and eat them. Enjoy those sleepless nights, at least when they’re still nursing you know they’re not sneaking down to the kitchen to eat all your chocolate.

Rotten kids.

8 thoughts on “I need chocolate.

  1. Oh for Pete’s sake – do I have to tell you people EVERYTHING? You hide the chocolate with the CLEANING SUPPLIES. Trust me, they’ll never find it!


  2. If you’re reeeeally desperate, you could try what my hubby does (rather gross if you ask me): dip the spoon in PB then dip it into hot chocolate powder, or skip the pb altogether. Follow with a Milk chaser


  3. You need a better hiding spot. I have brownie mix in case of emergency too, thankfully no one in this house has wanted them enough to break down and make them.


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