What was I thinking?

For those of you who don’t know, or have lives of your own and have forgotten, I decided to go back to University last fall. I took three courses, tore my hair out from time to time and in the end did well enough to gain admittance to another year.

So, a few weeks ago it was time again to register for courses for this fall. I decided I could manage to work on this degree again, along with looking for part-time work, raising my three kids and keeping house.


Anyway, I decided to sign up for only two courses as, since they are both fourth year requirements, I figured I’d go slow.

Today I printed out the book lists so I could get started on some of the reading this summer. I have copied out the lists below for anyone who is interested.


Have a nice summer everyone, I’ll now be spending the next two months up in my bedroom reading. Let me know if I miss anything.

Kids? You’re on your own.


Jane Austen, 1.Sense and Sensibility, 2.Pride and Prejudice, 3.Mansfield Park, 4.Northanger Abbey, 5.Persuasion (Penguin); 6.Emma (Riverside); Charlotte Brontë, 7.Jane Eyre (Norton Critical Edition); one of the following novels by Charlotte Brontë: 8.Shirley, Villette (Penguin); Emily Brontë, 9.Wuthering Heights (Norton Critical Edition); two of the following novels by Elizabeth Gaskell: 10.Mary Barton, Cranford, 11.North and South (Penguin); George Eliot, 12.Adam Bede, 13.The Mill on the Floss (Penguin); one of the following novels by George Eliot: 14.Middlemarch (Riverside), Daniel Deronda (Penguin); Hedi Bouraoui, 15.Return To Thyna, translated by Elizabeth Sabiston (Saratoga Springs, New York: CELAAN — Éditions Les Mains Secrètes, 2004).

Suggested Reading: Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own (Penguin); Charlotte Ramsay Lennox, The Female Quixote (Oxford UP). Supplementary bibliographies

and for the other class:

1.Confessions of an English Opium Eater (Oxford); James Phillips Kay, 2. The Moral and Physical Condition of the Working Classes Employed in the Cotton Manufacture in Manchester (course kit); Elizabeth Gaskell, 3.Mary Barton (Oxford); Henry Mayhew, 4.London Labour and the London Poor (selections in course kit); Charles Dickens, 5.Oliver Twist (Penguin); Charles Dickens, 6.Great Expectations (Penguin); James Greenwood, 7.“A Night in a Workhouse” (course kit); James Thomson, 8.“The City of Dreadful Night” (course kit); John Thomson, 9.Victorian  London Street Life (Dover); Robert Louis Stevenson, 10.Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Dover); George and Weedon Grossmith, 11.The Diary of a Nobody (Penguin); Arthur Morrison, 12.A Child of the Jago (Academy Chicago Publishers); George Gissing, 13.The Odd Women (Penguin); Arthur Conan􀀀Doyle, 14.The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (Oxford); Bram Stoker, 15.Dracula (Penguin); Rudyard Kipling, 16.Kim (Oxford). Additional primary and secondary readings to be included in course kit.

10 thoughts on “What was I thinking?

  1. thanks for your helpful tips on blogging. i need all the help i can get!
    i sure wish i had the motivation you do to go back to school!
    good luck with the summer reading…
    p.s my dad is doing great…thanks for asking!


  2. Didn’t we have to read George Eliot’s Mill on the Floss in ENG101 at Mac? We read Wuthering Heights in High School as well as Pride & Prejudice. I still have copies hanging around if you want them… Also have Mansfield Park, Dracula, Oliver Twist… good luck! that’s alot of depressing stories to read!!


  3. Happy reading! I went back to school as well and just graduated with my undergrad in 2003 so I know what you’re going through..Good for you!!!!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your funny comments about my nose..and yes, it’s totally photoshopp’d !!!!!!! 🙂


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