Don’t yell at me

I started thinking about Christmas yesterday.

Why? Well, a couple of things happened that got me thinking this way.

First of all I ventured into a large big box electronics superstore and right at the front door they had a pile of Rock Band boxes for the Wii. Now, last Christmas I spent an inordinate amount of time lining up for a Wii Guitar Hero 3 for my son. The Christmas before that, my husband and I spent way too much time hunting down the Wii itself. I want to be prepared in advance this year.

I spent a few minutes pondering whether I should pick up this silly thing and keep it hidden away for Christmas, when a nice fellow told me that Guitar Hero 4 for the Wii will be coming out just before Christmas this year. Supposedly it's better than Rock Band because the drums have cymbals. Right, like I need cymbals in my house. This information however did make me pass on the purchase.

Then I went down the basement last night and spent fifteen minutes packing away the pile of Christmas decorations that still haven't made their way into their large plastic bins from last year. I had some fantasy idea that I would go through this stuff during the winter and pack it all up nicely. Hello! It's summer! This is so not happening! I figure if I spend fifteen minutes down there every day between now and December I might have this stuff all packed away by the time I need to haul it all out again.

Finally, two nice men came to my house yesterday and cleaned my gutters out. Yes, I know that should have happened last fall but it didn't, okay? Anyway it's done now and when these gentlemen were leaving they told me that they hung Christmas lights in November and December too, just in case I was interested.

Yesterday was June 25th, it's EXACTLY six months until Christmas.

I'm scaring myself.

Go away Christmas thoughts, I'm still dreaming about getting a tan this year.

13 thoughts on “Don’t yell at me

  1. I have been dreading December for a number of months now. I blame blogging. Before I blogged, all those horrible, frenzied holiday memories would have been blocked out by now. But now, all I have to do is look at the posts in my December archive to relive that month in all its typically horrifying detail. Seriously, go look for yourself – it’s enough to make you want to run away on December 1st. (I would have linked that, but typepad doesn’t allow html comments. What’s up with that?)


  2. I can’t believe you bought a Wii two Christmases ago. I hadn’t heard of it until two weeks ago! You’re so hip!
    I was in Hobby Lobby today and they already have two Christmas Aisles. Are you kidding me?


  3. I refuse to think about Christmas, although I know swimming suits will soon disappear from the stores. I hate how they play with our psyches like that!


  4. Holy crap. 6 months til Christmas! I always promise myself I’ll start shopping early, and then I find myself 3 weeks before with nothing bought for anyone. It just seems that so many other things come up that need paid for…guess it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start thinking about it.


  5. hi leanne! i left you a reply on my page, but, disregard…….i guess i didnt wait long enough for your page to load, duh……..thanks for the love, let me know how the etsy thing goes….i will keep my fingers crossed for both of us. great blog, by the way! i am adding you to my “people i don’t know, but insire me” list!


  6. Funny the things that trigger our thoughts and memories, eh? However, Christmas decs still out is a ringer for triggering thoughts and memories. I say leave em out. You’re closer to next than to last at this point in time.


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