Nah, nah, nah, nah na na!

My children and I spent the day with two of my friends and their children at 'Marineland' today.

I drove us all there, we watched a walrus/dolphin show, went on rides, ate a horrendously expensive lunch, went on more rides and then I drove us all back home so we could get my son to soccer on time.

Eldest daughter came home with a headache and went straight to bed.

Youngest daughter had a swim and is now half asleep on the sofa with the TV on.

I have sore shins from walking all day but I am still going strong. I am making dinner, tidying up, picking up from soccer and doing laundry.

So, score one for the old lady of the house, she's outlasting the younger generation in stamina tonight!

I gotta tell you though, it was a long day. I will sleep well tonight.

This summer vacation stuff is not for wimps. How many days until school starts again?

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