It’s just not happening over here

I got three phone calls today. Each was from a different family and each wanted a different child of mine to come over tonight for a sleep-over.

Yippee! No children at home and all of them in safe and happy places.

So, what did hubby and I do?

Well, we moved two heavy bushes to the front of our garden and then we went out for a nice dinner.

Then we came home and hubby fell asleep on the couch with a headache.

Um, isn't that supposed to be my line?


8 thoughts on “It’s just not happening over here

  1. Oh, the privacy! I would love it!
    I urge you to get rid of the comment verification on your blog. I did recently, and nothing bad has happened. Typepad’s verification is particularly onerous, because I have to wait for another page to load to complete it. Typically, I forget, exit out, and my comment is lost.


  2. let me get this right. No kids? Asleep on the couch? Married for 15 years? yep… sounds about right…. (Did you at least try to wake D. up to go to bed when you did?) 🙂


  3. Every time one of my kids is invited somewhere, I find myself sneakily looking for somewhere for the other to go. Because half the number of kids in the house is still kids in the house.


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