I like Pina Colada’s

I'm thinking of taking up the 'art' of making summer drinks.

You know the summery drinks; pina coladas, margaritas, actually any type of fruity concoction that comes in a frosty glass with a piece of fruit stuck on the rim.

I know I could go to the corner liquor store and buy the mix, but I also figure there's got to be a way to make them with fresh fruit and ice and uh, less chemically powdered type stuff.

I saw at Costco that they have a machine that I could just dump all the ingredients into and it would make me some creamy icy looking creations but I didn't like the three hundred dollar price tag on it.

How hard can this be? I figure it will at least be a good distraction from the miles of gardening I have to do this summer. Can one pull weeds while drinking this kinda stuff? I'm gonna try.

Either way, I'm off to pick up some light rum and coconut juice. Oh, and some paper umbrellas too, If I'm gonna do this I had better do it right. 

10 thoughts on “I like Pina Colada’s

  1. Ooohhhh…margaritas…yum!
    As for gardening, the experts say to “drink plenty while out in the hot sun”, and hey, after a few, those weeds really won’t bother you anymore anyways!!
    Have a good summer!


  2. Yes – and some paper umbrellas – HA!!! I love Pina Coladas and Miami Vices (1/2 pina colada and 1/2 strawberry dacqari) – I love any sort of creamy or icy or fruity drink! I’ve never made them from scratch – I’m anxious to see what you think.
    Have a good weekend and have a Pina Colada for me!


  3. Fruity drinks are my favorite. I prefer them to beer or wine or …. well, pretty much any other kind of alcohol.
    Once you’re done weeding, d’ya wanna come to my house? Please? We have a bunch of gardens that need some love, but I have a black thumb (two of them!) and my husband’s thumbs are very busy. We’d happily keep you in fruity drinks while you worked…


  4. Want to really impress your friends? Try this one that I discovered in a hip restaurant in Buenos Aires: Sakerinha its a caipirinha but with sake! BAM.


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