It’s summer, no whining aloud

J0423115 The girls and I did a drive through McDonald's tonight, rented a 'chick' flick, then sat in front of the TV to eat dinner and watch the movie. The 'girls' of course are my 8 and 13 year old daughters. My darling son was at a friend's house.

Today was their last day of school.

I figure we've got about twelve weeks to eat junk and do nothing.

I told my kids that this is what I intended to do, and I told them that I didn't want to hear a single whine all summer long about being bored.

Honestly? I give them about ten days before the whining starts.

I am not supposed to be the entertainment here, but I am.

Still, I'm gonna concentrate on enjoying the next ten days before it starts. Pass the margaritas, we've got no homework!

7 thoughts on “It’s summer, no whining aloud

  1. I do not remember whining about summer when we were kids, yet I distinctly remember our mothers whining about the whining. hmmm.
    Ten days could really rock!


  2. Ten days before whining about boredom? Wow. It took us all of a day and a half! Though youngest was out two weeks before the oldest (preschool vs. jr. high).
    Good luck! (Need some cheese for the whine?)


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