Thanks, my love

I got my new driver's license today.

I paid seventy dollars, got my picture taken and yesterday it arrived in the mail.

It's awful.

Now I know everyone hates their driver's license picture, but mine is especially bad this time around. My eyes are half closed and the man who took the picture told me not to smile, so I didn't. To top it all off they printed the picture out in black and white and the printing is so faint that I look sort of well, dead.


I showed the card to my darling hubby last night.

Hubby took one look at the picture and said, 'Well, you look hideous don't you? I'd hide this away and not show it to anyone if I were you.'

Okay, so he's right, but isn't this the man who is supposed to love me and find me beautiful no matter what?

Hideous? Ouch. I mean couldn't he at least lie a little?

And he wonders why he doesn't get the lovin' as often as he used to.


5 thoughts on “Thanks, my love

  1. Wow, $70???
    I love NM and FL for that reason, they hand you your driver’s license and license plates right there, just print them off right in front of you. And it costs about $15.
    My bank card pic is terrible. I just lost it and ask for a replacement, and they just sent me a new one with the same pic. Which is was taken 5 years ago after I walked to the bank in the FL summer heat with a baby.


  2. LOl!! Sorry I am laughing with you not at you šŸ™‚
    $70 that is alot for a DL!
    Mine is pretty bad too — but not as bad as you discribed yours.
    Men, what are we to do with them?


  3. My husband’s theory is that you’d look that bad (or worse) if you were pulled over and had to show a cop your license.
    Still, hubby needs to learn the fine art of when to lie to his wife. šŸ˜‰


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