Forgetful Mama

Robbie's Soccer Back We were walking out the door for soccer tonight when it all of a sudden dawned on me that we were responsible for bringing the snack for the team.


Now I had thought about it earlier in the week, so I had bought drinks, but I had no fruit in the house. Fruit is mandatory for snack with this year's soccer coach. I think he'd heard about my often used tried and true 'donuts for snack' back-up plan. We have drive thru donut windows up here in Canada – it makes getting snacks for kids very easy. 

So, I grabbed a cooler and the drinks and at least I had half of what I needed.

I then dropped off my son for warm up at the game, went over to the local grocery store, bought some oranges and then spent twenty minutes leaning over the trunk of my mini-van breaking the oranges into pieces and placing them in the Tupperware container I had dragged along.

Oranges are sticky. 

I then drove back to the soccer field and got there ten minutes into the game but I was the hero as I had the snack ready for half time.

It all worked out but I hate it when I forget this kind of thing. I'm blaming the fact that I forgot on my head cold but in reality I think it's probably due to old age.

The only good thing about forgetting this kinda stuff is that the more I forget, the less I have to do.

Hmmmm. This just might be a good thing after all.  

10 thoughts on “Forgetful Mama

  1. Ha. I love it because, once again, you are RIGHT. The more you forget, the less you do have to do! 🙂 I should remember that, but I’ll likely forget it.
    And to answer your question, I don’t know typepad, but I would think that you would simply copy and paste that code write into your post. If that doesn’t (or didn’t) work I’ll have to find out for future entries. I’m just thrilled you played along Leanne – and fyi, I signed this post into Mr. Linky for you – this was perfect!


  2. HA! I forget stuff like this all the time. I think it’s inherited. My mom is the same way. And I think my six year old daughter is following in our footsteps. Sigh.
    So glad you joined us for PSF! Hope you come back next week!


  3. HA HA HA! I am so the mom who shows up with whatever snacks we have around the house. Thank goodness we have a bunch here – but never enough fruit to feed the team. I’d be at the store too!


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