Here it comes

I'm starting to feel it.

Yes, I still have a cold.

Yes, my two girls have their music exams tomorrow.

Yes, my deck is still only half stained because, due to the rain, the painters haven't been able to finish it.

And yes, my garden still needs massive amounts of work.

BUT, my kid's school exams are done today. That means the fighting to get my kids to study is also over.

At my kid's school, Friday is Sports Day and Monday is Outing Day. In one short week my kids are free from school.

I think summer may actually be coming.

I'm finally starting to feel the sun.

4 thoughts on “Here it comes

  1. Welcome summer! 🙂
    I hope you are beginning to feel better! My oldest finished exams and school yesterday (youngest was done two weeks ago) and I am so happy to not have to get up so early and fight with oldest to get up to make it to school! yay summer!!!


  2. Love your blog title.
    It seems so odd to read your post about school still in session, but I often forget in the wonderful land of cool evenings and manageable days, school simply runs further into what we in Texas already consider summer.
    Here . . . if we’re in school at Memorial Day then serious yelling needs to take place to the master school schedulers. Two weeks into June and plenty of summer fun is already taking place. As for rain, would you send some my way — please? In typical Texas fashion its hot and humid.
    Hope your kiddos enjoy their summer.


  3. Before you know it, summer will have gone and went so enjoy the fun. All of them. 🙂 And FYI, should you want to play along with PhotoStory Friday this week, please do.


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