I’m human too

We had one of those hours. I picked up the kids from school and one got in the car and started to cry, a different one slammed the van door on their hand and the third started immediately complaining about how unfair one of their teachers had been and why they had detention the next day.   

Basically my patience was spent after I had my trio in the car for oh, about thirty seconds. 


I know these are the times when my 'Momness' is supposed to kick into high gear but you know what? It didn't. I comforted two, I scolded one. I drove. I did what I could.

It wasn't enough.   

The last few days I've had a terrible allergy/head cold attack going on. I have no idea what's really wrong with me but I'm completely stuffed up and thinking on low speed from all the cold/allergy medicine I'm taking.

It's finally nice weather here and I'm sick. All I want to do is go and lie down some where as my head feels like it weighs about twenty pounds. I am not happy.

I went to the pharmacist and asked how I could tell the difference between a cold and an allergy attack. They told me to cough on someone, if that person got sick then I had a cold, if they didn't then I had allergies.

Okay then. I don't think I'm going to try that today. 

My kids are now home and fine. I took them out for dinner and bought them all ice cream. I think they feel comforted.

Now, I just need to go take some more cold medicine for myself, make some tea and go to bed. I'll deal with the detention thing in the morning. In twelve hours I'll feel better and have my patience back, right?


8 thoughts on “I’m human too

  1. Poor TiredMama! I have never heard you sound so ill as when we spoke on the phone last night. If I were closer, I would bring you a big bowl of chicken soup. I know it’s busy with the kids at the moment but take an hour or so while they are in school for a nap.
    Feel better soon!


  2. I’ve been wondering about that cold vs. allergy thing too, and there has GOT to be a better answer than that. But for me, I guess it’s safe to say that if I keep getting sick and no one else in my family does it must be allergies, eh?


  3. Hope you feel better soon. Did you by any chance cough on your computer while writing that post, ’cause I myself am not feeling too terribly wonderful right now and don’t know if it is a cold or allergies.


  4. First off, I love the new blog design Leanne.
    It’s okay your patience wore thin. It happens. At least that’s what I tell myself. Besides you offered up ice cream, that makes you a saint.
    Anyway, I feel ya.


  5. Thinking on low speed. I love that. I’ll have to start using it.
    I hope that pharmacist didn’t pay too much for his cracker-jack box degree. That’s all the better advice he has to offer?!


  6. Oh that is some EXCELLENT medical advice. I knew I missed my calling because I can make smart remarks like that all day long! Hope you’re feeling better. Wish me luck as I head into the craziest week of the summer: 2 different camps in 2 different counties, work-work-work to do, leaving town on Friday, coming home on Sunday to houseguests. Must – Get – Prepared…


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