Too much thinking going on.

The problem with having a blog, that people know about, is that your friends and family read it.

That's not a bad thing but it does tend to deter me at times from writing about what I'm really thinking about/stewing over. Because of this I'm now finding that my blog doesn't have the cathartic effect that it did when I first started writing here.

I miss that.

Now that I think about it though I had to delete a lot of those first entries.

A few months ago I stumbled across a secret blog. People, most of them women, would add blog entries anonymously to it. It seemed like a great place to vent. The owner of the blog actually asked everyone to set up a hot-mail e-mail account so that she wouldn't even be able to trace where the stuff was coming from.

Anyone have any idea where this anonymous blog of 'Moms' is located? I've lost the link, and I feel the need today to find it again. Blogging under an assumed name has got to be better, or at least a lot cheaper, than therapy.

6 thoughts on “Too much thinking going on.

  1. Not heart of it, but let me tell you that I could use one of those right now. The family issues I’m dealing with want to make me pull my hair out on an hourly basis.
    Maybe we should start one.


  2. I love your blog, we’re often thinking the same thing, thankfully! Your blog helps me to feel that I’m not alone, or totally crazy. It may no longer be cathartic to you, but it is helpful for others. Go to other parenting forums and rant under another name if you need to, I’m sure if you ask, others are willing to suggest a name, it could be fun. 🙂


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