Grow old with me

J0422233 Today is my wedding anniversary.

Tired-Papa and I have been married for fifteen years today - we've been together for twenty.

That's a long time.

We've managed three countries, three kids, six homes and endless squabbles over the past decade and a half and I think it's made us uh, slightly crazy stronger.

Seriously though, I'm blessed, because you know what? It's still good.

My children once asked me how I knew that Tired-Papa was the right 'man' for me. I told them 'I just knew'. I realize now that although that is true, what I should have also said was that I was lucky enough to not only find a man who could make me laugh, but I also found a guy who would take out the garbage, help make the beds and drive his three off-spring to hockey practices and dance lessons too.

I don't think I fully realized back in my twenties that it was all these little things that really made a marriage work. That in the end it's our ability and shared desire to work together and do the mundane things that make our world a better, easier and nicer place for our little family to live in that was going to get us through the years.

My kids are coming up to their teen years now and are starting to look at the opposite sex in a different way. Sooner or later they're going to start looking for a partner in life too.

I will tell them that looks and flash aren't that important in a mate, but I know they won't listen. I can only hope that they will follow their mother's example and look for a spouse that has many of the same qualities as their father. If they do this then they'll be fine. Better than fine.

Happy Anniversary Tired-Papa, and yes, I'd do it all over again. I love you.

I might however choose a different dress this time. I mean what was I THINKING?

9 thoughts on “Grow old with me

  1. We sure have packed a lot into 15 years. Now I know why I feel like TiredPapa.
    You have been my inspiration every day to build a life together for us and our most precious treasures, Jenna, Robbie and Rebecca. It has been a great ride so far. I can’t wait to see what the next fifteen brings our way.
    We are very lucky to have a TiredMama!
    All my Love!


  2. Congratulations! I hope you guys have a great anniversary!
    I agree whole-heartedly. Marriage is a constant compromise and give and take. I think respect for one another goes a long way.


  3. Sigh…. you guys brought a tear to my eye with this heartfelt Hallmark moment. Congratulations! It is obvious that you guys don’t just love each other but are still in-love with each other and that’s really special after 15 years.
    By the way, you were a beautiful bride (great legs! lol) and if Tired Papa gives you flowers… don’t give them to Michele!


  4. I don’t remember a lot about your wedding but I know your bouquet was as beautiful as your dress. You looked great! And by the way you still look great tired momma…. no I’m not trying to pick u up. Happy Anniversary!
    Don’t forget who actually got you two together!!!


  5. To answer your question Leanne, YES we are doing it each Friday and I’d LOVE to have you play along.
    Don’t tell me your gonna post your wedding dress! 🙂 Just kidding!


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