I went to bed half way through the first over-time period of the hockey game last night.

Today? I'm tired.

Hubby let our darling son stay up to watch the entire second over-time period, which will mean he will be a tired boy tonight. This is not a good thing as he has to start writing exams this Friday.



Exams are not good. Exams put my children in horrible moods and make me into a nag. It probably doesn't help my kids that their mother goes from not taking studying for exams very seriously one minute and then turns into a crazy screaming lunatic about studying for them an hour later.

For example, last night my son was supposed to be up in his room studying. When I looked up from my gardening however he was helping his Dad flip burgers on the grill instead. That, combined with the late night in front of the hockey game, tells you how seriously my hubby is taking these exams. I decided at the time that learning to use the BBQ was possibly a more important life skill than knowing about Ancient Greece. Good decision? Probably, but his history exam is on Friday.


Still, my son is very young and while part of me thinks that I should probably pull his skinny little butt out of a school that gives exams to kids so young, I won't because he's getting a great education there and EVERYONE tells me he'll find his high school exams a piece of cake because he's being taught how to study for them now.   

Learning to study properly is a skill that needs to be taught and I'm glad my kids are getting the chance to learn it. 

I think. 

Ask me again when we're through all these exams.

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