Busy Whiny Mama


It's that time of the year. Dance recitals, piano recitals, soccer has started and hockey is just about, but not quite, wrapped up. Oh, and then there's all the end of the year parties and moving away lunches. Tired Mama's family is in overload.

Um, did you notice that it's all the kids stuff that's keeping us busy?

Okay, I love most of it and I don't really mind, but then again sometimes I do. Every once in a while I wonder where the time for 'me' is supposed to be in all of this. I especially feel it when an over tired children turns on me and yells about how horrible I am for making them study for finals or for telling them to clean their room or something.

I guess I wouldn't be human if I didn't mind. I mean gesh, all I'm doing right now is running around for my ungrateful trio. So come on guys, give poor mama a break. Please.

I just can't wait until the next two weeks are over and the lazy days of summer are here. That is of course until the kids get bored and start to whine.

I wonder if it's too late to get them all into sleep away camp for the summer.

5 thoughts on “Busy Whiny Mama

  1. I think all us moms must be the same at our core. I felt exactly the way you feel now, right before school got out last week. And now I’ve already had enough of the whining. I am so looking forward to starting our summer library program tomorrow to get them busy. And then there’s swimming lessons! Yay!


  2. Ahhh the parts of motherhood that are not in any book. I wouldn’t mind it too much if there was a thank you every once in awhile. One day when they have their own kids — that when the thanks will come, until then just keep jugging along. 🙂


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