I like the way this is going

About a month ago I got fired.

Now this is not necessarily a bad thing, but the weird part is that I'm a stay at home Mom. I'm a good Mom too. Still I manged to get myself fired from my second job - that would be my job as our family landscaper.

At the beginning of May my darling son and I were in the backyard setting things straight. It was one of the few gorgeous days we've had so far this spring and so we went outside and started tearing things apart in one corner of our large over grown backyard.

I guess I got a little carried away. I made a big huge gigantic mess.

Hubby watched for most of the day, from the safety of his home office, and then came outside to nab the landscaper who works for the people next door and asked him to quote on the work I thought I was so successfully doing.

To make a long story short, I was fired and the landscaper was hired.

So now part of the backyard looks better but the rest? Well I've tackled that over the last few days, while hubby has been away and I think, and I wasn't even sure this was possible, I've made even a bigger mess.

Hubby gets back tomorrow.

Just between you and me, I'm hoping to be promoted to a supervisory position fired again.

I will be sad to be replaced but I will console myself by sitting on my back deck sipping a fruity drink while I watch five big strong 'eye candy' fellows come and do the landscaping cleanup that would have taken me months to complete on my own.

Oh, woe is me.

I'm thinking about starting to renovate my kitchen by myself next. It needs some major updating. I wonder what I'll have to rip apart in there before I get myself fired from that job too? Anyone know how much a chain saw costs?

7 thoughts on “I like the way this is going

  1. Ah yes, I had one day of a half-dozen young men planting and sodding so diligently that they had to take their shirts off. There was a particularly nice view of all this from the upstairs window. Obviously I should have invited you over!


  2. Every once in a while I will intentionally make a mess of doing laundry just to remind my husband that there is a reason that it’s his job. It’s nice that he thinks it’s his own idea and totally beneficial to him.
    Well done. I suggest you start by killing a countertop–once you go to replace that, cabinets and flooring are just inches away.


  3. I have a chainsaw in my possession if you want to use it you can!!!
    We are doing our kitchen right now, just finished the final packing up and moving the kitchen to the basement last night. Problem is, fridge is still upstairs, remaining stuff is downstairs, I should loose 40lb by the time the reno is done with the stairclimbing LOL. DH says it will take a month, I know realistically it will be 2….gotta love renovations.


  4. Well done. I would like to be fired as toilet bowl cleaner. I just can’t handle the thought of exactly HOW BAD it would have to get before my hubby took notice.


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