It’s pouring.

It's raining out. Hard. There's thunder and lighting going on outside too.

I'm okay with this as it's a Monday morning and I actually need to get some stuff done around the house. Rain away! It'll help me stay focused indoors.

But I just looked at the weather forecast and it's supposed to be gorgeous, sunny and warm here tomorrow through Friday and then rain again all weekend.

Rain - all weekend.

Um, we've had a very cold and snowy winter here. I'm ready for some nice weekend weather with my kids so we can all get outside.

Can you say Murphy's Law?

Anyone know if sun dances work?

5 thoughts on “It’s pouring.

  1. Funny how weather works… I’m only an hour west of you and we are having a beautiful blue sky sunny day… I of course am at work and I’m sure the T-storms will arrive about the time I’m done for the day… as you say… Murphy’s Law…


  2. No, it does not. However, if you ever NEED rain, I can tell you how to get it. No matter what the weather man says, all you have to do is stain your deck. I guarantee it will pour.


  3. Here’s what works: apply SPF 35 and go out into your front yard in your bathing suit. Set up your lawn chair and wait for the sun. Even a vengeful God couldn’t say no to that kind of pandering!


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