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It’s a day

Today is a roller coaster day. I have to go from a Birthday celebration to a funeral visitation. Two kids have soccer games, one is in a three pitch baseball tournament, and one is singing with her choir tonight. In there we also have school, meals and family time.


I can handle all the activities, I do that all the time. It's the emotional up and down's that are gonna do me in today though. It's the high to the low that'll get me; the excitement of the games, the celebrations and then the crashing down to loss and grief.

I'm not good at dealing with funeral things. Is anyone though? I mean really?

I want to be one of those people that handle these things gracefully.

I'm not.  

I'll be fine for the Birthday stuff. I'm good with cake.

I just wish I was better at helping those who need support during sad occasions. I'll be there, I'll listen. I just won't say the right things though or worse yet, I won't know what to say that's appropriate.

I'll try though. I'll really really try.


6 thoughts on “It’s a day

  1. I think you’ll do fine… you’ve always managed to cheer me up during the tough times over the years. Even a phone call to say hi how are you, is reassuring. Sometimes it’s the unspoken gestures that mean the most. Maybe you can make a meal, or run errands.


  2. Best of luck with all the ups and downs of the day . . . and don’t worry about knowing what to say – just the fact that you are there is often more than enough.


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