Junky Mama

I'm hungry.

My stomach is growling and I need to go down to the kitchen and fix myself something nutritious to eat.

I have lots of nutritious food right now in the house too. I did a big grocery shopping yesterday and I filled my fridge with all sort of healthy fruits, vegetables and whole grain products.

The problem is last night my oldest daughter made brownies, I made chocolate chip cookies and at the bakery yesterday I bought cinnamon buns for my son.

Um, I want that sugary empty calorie stuff for lunch today. I don't want the things that are good for me.

So, I'm blogging instead to get my mind off the yummy things in my kitchen that are calling my name.

This must be the way my kids feel when they're playing with their dinners and really only want to eat their desert most nights. So, does this mean the problem is not me? Wow. Maybe I can blame these cravings on genetics!

That is such a relief.

Now, if you'll excuse me I need to pop down to my kitchen just to make sure that everything's okay. After all you never know what can happen to brownies if they're left alone too long.

6 thoughts on “Junky Mama

  1. Ugh, I know how you feel. I have been having such a problem with my SWEET TOOTH lately, too. My biggest problem is that I eat the healthy stuff then CRAVE thw sweet stuff even more AND eat it on top of the healthy stuff.


  2. Ah – I hear you oh too well. It’s so much easier and enjoyable to eat the sugary junk even though we know better. Oh well! Cheers to brownies and all things chocolate!


  3. I’m going with genetics. Seriously. My gram has a sweet tooth, it skipped my mom and sisters but hit me smack in the jaw. Some people crave sugary goodness and others could take it or leave it. I only wish I could.


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